Free School Speakers from CND Peace Education

CND School Speaker addressing assembly at Rainhill High School

Looking for free school speakers? Either as an enrichment activity or linking directly into your subject syllabus such as History or RE?  CND Peace Education (CNDPE) might be able to help.

We offer free school speakers and college speakers on peace and nuclear weapon issues. We don’t campaign, we provide facts to help young people form their own opinions.

Each session lasts about an hour, or can be tailored to fit your timescales.

Resources and Talks

All our resources are free.  To browse, download or order a hard copy please click here.

Free school speakers are available for all of the following sessions:

Assembly or Class Talk

Learn about nuclear weapons, their history, and the current world situation. Then review the case for & against nuclear weapons. (Assembly or classroom; 30-60 mins).

The Bomb Factor

Six cross-curricular lessons on nuclear weapons issues, including an X Factor-style debate competition.

See the Bomb Factor in action in this 14-minute video.

Under Pressure

Find out how pressure groups operate and create your own in the classroom.

Truman on Trial

Six cross-curricular lessons around Hiroshima and Nagasaki, including a mock trial to decide if President Truman was justified in dropping the atomic bombs.

Dial M for Missile

Seven cross-curricular lessons to teach themes around the Cuban Missile Crisis and compare and contrast with the world situation today.

Sadako’s Cranes

Learn the story of Hiroshima child victim Sadako Sasaki, and make your own origami peace cranes.

Pupils making origami cranes

Making Origami cranes, inspired by the story of Sadako Sasaki. Wendy Constance. Photo: Essex Children’s University

Critical Mass

Five cross-curricular lessons using examples around the world, looking at gender, identity, marginalisation and race where nuclear issues arise.

Intro to Peace Education (10-min video)

Subject links


Review evidence and consider different viewpoints. Critical thinking. Present a reasoned case.


Conflict, political issues and ideologies. Also pressure groups and protest movements.


Conflict and peace in the 20th century. In particular Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the Cold War.


Meaning and value. Also war and peace, and good & evil. Including the impact of weapons of mass destruction.

How to book a session

To arrange a preliminary booking please complete the online booking form.


The former Mayor of Warrington Geoff Settle was kind enough to write a letter to the Warrington Guardian after watching one of our sessions.

Letter to the Warrington Guardian by the former Mayor of Warrington about the CND visit to St Gregory's High School

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