Speech by Bruce Kent (CND) on Trident

Bruce Kent speaking at a debate on Trident at Wallasey on 9-Jun-18

I recently had the privilege to listen to and record a speech by Bruce Kent from CND. He spoke in a debate about Trident on 9-Jun-18, held at The Spire, Wallasey in Merseyside.

Bruce is one of Britain’s most prominent peace campaigners. He served as General Secretary of CND from 1979-85. During those years, he led CND through its most crucial phase – the struggle against cruise missiles. CND membership exploded from 2,000 to 100,000 under his watch.


The meeting at Wallasey was a debate on Labour Party nuclear weapon policy. Bruce shared CND’s views, and Paul Davies shared the Labour Party’s view. Kathy Runswick of Wallasey CLP chaired the meeting.

It was the first time I’ve heard a Bruce Kent speech. It was an engaging, inspiring, and motivating experience.


I was particularly moved when Bruce read out a letter from a company that supplied Nazi concentration camps.

Bruce challenged all those connected to Trident to think carefully about the consequences of the ‘product’ they are making –

There’s a moral issue involved in this which we must never, never forget. Trident submarines, if it all goes wrong, can precisely mean this – incinerating large numbers of humanity.

Ban Treaty

On the nuke Ban Treaty he said,

The other nuclear powers… have got what looks like, I think, independent nuclear systems. We don’t. Therefore we are in a strong position to be the first nuclear state to lead the way to join in the 122 and start talking sensibly.

Closing Remarks

Bruce finished with;

The nuclear weapon issue ought to come out of the silence its been in, and that very much depends on people like you and me. Attitude change…. require public pressure at our level to get things changed.

Full Speech

Listen to the full speech here, alongside John Usher’s photos of the meeting.

More about Bruce

Learn more about Bruce at bruce-kent.com.

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